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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Noted Observations and Unreal Photography

10 Observations Noted:

1) Bermuda is possibly the best place on earth to sit and do as little as possible. Thus far, I'm halfway through reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and I've tanned at least a slight shade darker.
2) Bermuda has the bluest water and the bluest sky I think I've ever seen. And pink beaches unlike anywhere else in the world. It's terribly picturesque.

3) Tiki huts in the United States are cool, but in Bermuda, they are cool. And they serve you booze on the beach.
4)Bermuda has lots to do when doing nothing. For example, watching a speedboat race around the island from the beach.

5) And it you get sick of one beach there is always another one to go to, which is just as beautiful as the one before it.

6) Boating in Bermuda is WAY fun. Probably because the water is so blue, but also because boats here are cool.

7) Bermuda has lots of chickens.

8) Bermuda also has lots of pretty flowers, which are infinitely better looking than the chickens.

9) Bermuda has some cool looking birds, and some weird looking lizards too.

10) Tree frogs are pretty gross, but getting pictures of them is pretty awesome.

As a reference point, the average tree frog is about the size of a human thumbnail, and basically invisible against a brown tree in the middle of the night.

However, with persistence and an excellent camera caddy (myself) Dad managed to get around 20 shots of the little buggers and three practically award winning photographs. Eat your heart out Elle MuleBomb.
Close-up Shot! You can't even see them this well in person. How cool is that?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Snorkeling at Nonsuch Island

And let me tell you, there is no nonsense on Nonsuch Island. The five of us took a motor boat out to Nonsuch and then explored a shipwreck and the beautiful (and terrifying) fish that swam up next to us. Here's some shots from the boat ride over.

What Beautiful Babes.
Dad drove over, but then I was allowed to dazzle him with my boat driving skills. Which were impressive if I do say so myself.

And then came the snorkeling. Which was fun, but I almost got attacked by jellyfish, so also sort of terrifying. My family will tell you that there were no jellyfish and that I was seeing things, but I know what a jellyfish looks like and they almost stung me to death.

Here I am pre-jellyfish sneak attack.

And here's the happy family.

And thanks to my Dad's fancy underwater camera, we get to share some of our fabulous underwater fish shots. This one is a parrot fish I think, about the size of an average football.

And here are some striped fish that had no reservations what so ever about swimming right next to your head and pretending to attack you.

Here is a variety of fish that are swimming in and out of a foot and a half wide opening between the rock of the island and the wall of the ship that had wrecked on it. We had to swim through the opening, which was claustrophobic and filled with really big fish. Clearly I was great at it....

Anyways, that was fun but enough snorkeling for me for a long, long time.

Some Shots from the First Day

Here are some pictures from our first day here. Monica and Alexa insisted we go down to the beach so that Alexa could put her toes in the ocean, and Monica insisted that I take pictures of her looking pretty and in a moment of solitude against the ocean. I of course had no choice but to oblige.

The two happy sisters

The beach and the Atlantic Ocean at night.

And here of course are obligatory pictures of Monica looking solemn or whatever.

I think she's dancing in this one.

In this one she is in solitude.

And in this one she's far away.

And here is what Dad did the entire time

More pictures to follow, so stay tuned.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Swizzle Inn, Swagger Out

If you know anything about Rum and Traditional English Pub food on this side of the Atlantic, then you probably guessed from the title of this blog post that it is traveling season with my good old family and that we are back in Bermuda. We're not anything but creatures of habit.

To the amazement of my entire family, I managed to not screw up our air travel too badly with my Transportation Curse. Alexa did almost have a cow when we waited an extra 10 minutes before going through security so that I could finish gulping down my scalding hot coffee at warp speed, as per her instructions. But don't worry, we made it to the gate with an entire hour to spare before boarding. Thank God Alexa keeps us on time and together. That minor tongue burn I received was totally worth it.

After a speedy layover in Charlotte where Alexa sprinted to the gate across three concourses at warp speed (new record) without breaking a sweat, we were on our way to Bermuda. But the fascinating part of the story comes from our delay at Bermuda customs at the fault of ..... (wait for it) ..... My Dad's Golf Club. Apparently since it was staying on the island they wanted to adequately test it for anthrax and such. And I'd just like to draw attention to the fact that it wasn't me this time!!!!

It was a very pleasant first day. We arrived on the island around 4, went down to the dock for a while, then went to Swizzle Inn for dinner where I had some delicious Fish and Chips and Mom and I split a Dark and Stormy (which was actually pretty gross so I just had Magden's).

Life here is relaxing and very inconsequential. Pictures should follow soon. My dad is gonna try to take a picture of an invisible singing tree frog that is the size of the average thumbnail and only comes out at night. If he actually does it, expect a great expose.